And so it begins….2012 San Francisco Marathon here I come!

I’ve been quite impressed with how my foot has been dealing with increased running mileage after foot surgery late last year. So far so good. It gets achy when I run (or walk) on uneven ground, but since I live in an urban environment 99% of my running is on asphalt or cement.

I’ve had my eyes on running a marathon for awhile now. In 2010 I was training for the Dean Karnazes Silicon Valley Marathon, but ultimately had to drop out due to some IT band issues.

So here I am. 2012. I haven’t raced since 2010. Sure, there are is a plethora of races in the Bay Area. But racing is expensive and it just hasn’t been a financial priority for the past two years. No biggie. But I sure would like to cross running a marathon off of my bucket list. And what better way than by running the San Francisco Marathon – known for it’s beautiful route, including a run across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Right now I’m running about 20 miles per week. I have 18 weeks to train, which coincides with a Hal Higdon beginner marathon plan I’ll be modifying.

The one problem I foresee is that San Jose is flat, flat, flat, and driving to hills is out of the question. I have a few ideas in mind, including treadmill hill sprints (ugh) and stair running (double ugh). Should be interesting!

Here we go!


2 thoughts on “And so it begins….2012 San Francisco Marathon here I come!

  1. Have you considered running the Dish in Palo Alto or Rancho San Antonio in the Los Altos Hills or even St. Joseph’s Hill in Los Gatos? I live in Santa Clara and while the hills aren’t exactly right in my backyard, there are definitely some that are close by!

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I don’t have a car, so I can’t travel too far on a regular basis, but I’ll definitely check out my public transit options to those places. 🙂 Nice to meet you neighbour! I’m really close to the Santa Clara/San Jose border.

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