Can vegetables improve atheletic performance?

Dr. Michael Greger recently completed a 17-part video series examining the effect various vegetables have on athletic performance. All of the videos are linked on that page if you would like to check them out.

The conclusion? Nitrate in vegetables can be turned into nitrates and then nitric oxide in our bodies. Studies have found that, on average, increased nitric oxide boosts stamina and allows people to engage in high-intensity exercise up to 20% longer.

If you only want to watch one of the videos, watch this one in which Dr. Greger talks about how athletes can use vegetables (especially dark, leafy greens) to nitrate load.


Bailey et al. (2009)


2 thoughts on “Can vegetables improve atheletic performance?

  1. Much of our health is determined by the way we live our
    lives, and nutrition choices are a huge part of that equation. References: Pitchford, Paul, Healing
    with Wholefoods. Blueberries Chock filled with anti-oxidants and
    also phytoflavinoids, Blueberries are also high in potassium as well as ascorbic acid.

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