Long Run Recap

The way my schedule works out right now, my long runs are typically on Wednesday. I realize this makes me somewhat of a freak in the running world.

Today my long run was 10 miles. I know that’s nothing compared to you folks who are getting close to your marathons and ultras, but for me this was a significant day. This was my first double-digit run since late 2010.

In 2011 I knew I wouldn’t be racing due to budgetary constraints (some races are so much money!) so I was running short runs to keep fit, but nothing more than that. Then in August I had my accident and was unable to run for the rest of the year.

Typically I run on an empty stomach in the morning, but anything over 6 miles and I need some fuel in me. This morning I had a BIG cup of coffee and a homemade poppyseed bagel (note to self: never leave house after eating a poppyseed bagel without checking your teeth first).

It was dark and rainy out, so I dressed for the weather. Joke’s on me. Shortly into my run the sun came out and I was way too hot. D’oh.

Because it was rainy, there were lots of these little guys all over the sidewalks:

Once home I downed a recovery protein shake:

During my run I was sure I had gone out too fast and that my last few miles were slow, but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my mile splits once I got home. They were right were I wanted them to be. I held a consistent pace and then sped up toward the end:

When do you typically do your long runs? Do you have a ‘long run’ routine you follow?


3 thoughts on “Long Run Recap

  1. Great job on your long run! You had such nice splits, and a strong finish, too! I usually do long runs on Saturdays, when my husband and L have special Sat am time together. Although, I’m not currently training for anything longer than a 10k, so it’s harder to be motivated to get long runs in. I like to try to keep them in the 10-12 range as much of the year as I can, but it’s harder when there is no race on the calendar!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! Wednesday long runs are crazy but I mean that in a good way, believe me. I guess for so long I’ve had Sundays as my long run so to re-arrange that for midweek seems kinda… well it’s giving me a headache thinking about how I’d pull that off. It actually kinda makes some sense though because it could free you up on Sunday…. hmm.. maybe I should consider this 🙂 As far as routine, I try to prepare myself mentally and physically for the long run starting the day or a few days before. Even though I’ve run plenty of long runs, simply “showing up” for a 10 or 12 miler doesn’t do it. I have to focus as much for the 10-mile runs as I do for the 18-20 milers. It’s all about focusing on your runs and making the most of them, that’s what I’ve realized works for me.

  3. That’s awesome you can do your long runs mid-week! I wish I could do that sometimes. I typically do them on Saturdays or Sundays – usually on Sundays!

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