Goals for April 2012

I typically set a few yearly goals for myself each December (I prefer to call them goals rather than resolutions). The thing is…by March I’ve typically forgotten all about them. Or I think “meh, I have until December to do that, no rush!” This leaves a lot of my yearly goals unaccomplished.

I’ve decided that I’m going to set a few monthly goals for myself. I’m hoping that by setting myself smaller goals throughout the year, it will result in more of my omnibus yearly goals being attained by the end of 2012 (my former stats prof would be so proud that I just used ‘omnibus’ in a sentence).

1. Run 13.1 miles

In my marathon training schedule this will be where my long runs need to be. But the 13.1 mile distance is significant to me since I haven’t ran a half marathon since 2010. In my head, I feel like once I accomplish this, I really am “back.”

2. Complete the April No Weigh In Challenge

I just wrote about the challenge the other day – basically it is not stepping on the scale for the entire month of April. I’ve been getting into a negative head space lately with weight, and it needs to stop.


3. Complete one, honest-to-goodness, full range of motion, nose to the floor push-up

I have a pretty weak upper body. I can do a few push-ups, but I know I’m cheating and they are not using the full range of motion. I’ve been practicing with incline push-ups and negatives, I want to start cranking these bad boys out.

[Wow, for real? Source]

4. Stretch out hamstrings EVERY DAY

I have a goal to be able to do a full forward bend by the end of 2012. As I’ve shared previously, I have VERY tight hamstrings. I need to put in the stretching time if I’m going to improve the situation.


5. Foam roll at LEAST three times a week

We all know it’s good for us. Yet it’s something that I find easy to neglect. My goal is to do this at least 3x/week…which is better than the 1x/week I’m doing it now. I just read this post from Carrots ‘n’ Cake on how to ‘properly’ foam roll and I’m eager to give it a try.

6. Do Bodyrock/ZWOW strength workouts at least two times a week

My apartment has a small ‘gym,’ but it doesn’t have much in the weights department. Joining a larger gym isn’t really in my budget right now, so I’ve been doing a lot of bodyweight training. Right now I’m really liking the older Bodyrock workouts that don’t rely so heavily on equipment (this site lets you search for no equipment routines), as well as the new ZWOW workouts that Zuzana Light has been providing on Youtube. At first I was unsure if these workouts were anything more than gratuitous boob shots, but the workouts are pretty tough, short, and I’m definitely getting stronger.


7. No binge eating episodes

Binging/restricting cycles are something I have struggled with in the past. This is tied to my pre-occupation with the scale and I know these negative behaviors need to stop before they escalate. So I am going to nip them in the bud. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to eat treats or what have you. I don’t consider one cookie a ‘binge.’ What IS a binge is when I’m mindlessly stuffing food in my face, even though it’s food I don’t particularly like and I’m almost nauseatingly full.

So there you have it. I’ll report on my progress at the end of the month. What about you? Do you set monthly goals? Do you set yearly goals?


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