New shoes!

I run in a pair of Asics Gel-1150 shoes. It’s what the dude at the running store told me to get after watching me walk/run. At the time I didn’t know much about running, so I just figured he knew what he was talking about and went with it. I’ve never had a problem with these shoes and I’m quite fond of them. I’m currently on my second pair.

Now that I’m marathon training, I have noticed that my beloved shoes were perhaps starting to get a bit worn out. I’m an idiot and haven’t been tracking their mileage. D’oh.

I started looking for another pair, but soon saw that they were hard to find at a reasonable price. I finally found a pair, at a great price, at Volleyball Central. Wow, talk about awesome customer service! Within an hour of placing my order, I had notification that they had shipped already – super! Two days later they arrived.

My old ones are white/silver/purple, these ones are white/silver/blue. My old ones aren’t totally worn out yet, so I still plan on wearing them for a few runs each week.

For their inaugural use, I went to the gym this morning to do the same treadmill hill workout I did last week. The shoes felt great, but unfortunately my tummy wasn’t feeling so hot. I had to skip the last interval and end my workout 0.7 miles early. Lame.

What shoes are you currently running in?



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