Long Run Recap

This week my long run has worked up to 11 miles. My running schedule got a bit moved around, and I made some poor decisions yesterday:

1. Unscheduled 5K run. I kept the pace pretty easy, though. This didn’t really tire me out at all.

2. Heavy leg strength training. I normally do bodyweight stuff the day before a long run, but yesterday I ended up lifting kind of heavy (for me). Bad idea.

3. Long walk. I had some errands to run and decided to walk. The walk turned out much longer than I had anticipated.

These three things left me with VERY tired legs last night. I stretched them out before bed and figured I’d see what happened when I woke up in the morning.

This morning my legs were a bit stiff, mostly in the quads, but it wasn’t too bad. I scarfed down a piece of bread with PB, flax, and banana, and a gigantic cup of coffee:

My long runs are finally getting long enough that I’m going to have to start ingesting some calories. So far I haven’t felt the need. Today I started to bonk around 9 miles. Despite this, somehow I pushed myself to sprint for the final 2 miles, and I’m actually quite happy with my mile splits:

Total time was 1:47:13. Not bad. My legs were completely shot though. I came home and immediately made a smoothie with protein powder, powdered greens (which is actually kind of gross, but it was free, so I can’t complain), flax, banana, and frozen fruit. I sometimes like to make my smoothies extra thick and eat them in a bowl with a spoon. It looks like a bowl of green sludge…but it wasdeliciousgreen sludge.

After my smoothie I stretched out a bit and foam rolled. Ugh, this was unpleasant. I was so stiff and sore.

After I was showered and cleaned up I had some leftover lentil-spinach dahl:


2 thoughts on “Long Run Recap

  1. Nice job! 11 miles is a good distance, a comfortable distance. Yeah, getting some calories in you mid-run is important. Makes such a huge difference. I ran 10 about a month ago on a Thursday and I bonked bad, like at Mile 7 because I didnt’ have water or Gatorade or GU, nothing. I wanted to smack myself! But it looks like things are going well for you. And you’ve inspired me to make some coffee so I can have my own gigantic cup, so that’s good too 🙂

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