A Summer-y Run Recap

It has rained every Saturday for the past month. Saturday is typically the day I go running with my husband. Since the weather has been so bad we have been keeping our runs fairly close to home.

This morning the sun was shining and it was the perfect day to go check out a new (to us) trail. It had a ton of trees and wildflowers, it was so pretty!

This trail looks deserted in the photo, but it was actually really busy! We got to a city park and ran around a man-made lake. Before we knew it we were at this random carousel ride that we had no idea existed – weird!

The park was so nice that we ended up running longer than we had intended (we planned on 3.1 out and then retracing our route for 3.1 back). In the end we ended up going a total of 7.6 miles in 1:29:47.

Although the scenery was amazing, a few things went wrong on this run. First, I shouldn’t have ran this far as it was more mileage than I was scheduled to run today. Second, it was pretty warm out there on the trail and the sun was beating down on us for most of the way. We had water, but no sports drink or food. I hit the wall pretty hard around mile 6. I always run early in the morning and so I’m not used to running in the heat.

That being said, this was a PR for my husband and the miles were pretty easy/slow for me, so I’m not too worried. I’ll take it easy tomorrow and I should be as good as new.

Here’s a shot I snuck of my husband resting on a park bench post-run:

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Saturdays! Did you workout today? If so, what did you do?


2 thoughts on “A Summer-y Run Recap

  1. Oh wow! I’m super impressed. There is no way I could run that far. You both must be very fit. It looks like a beautiful place to go jogging though – so much nicer than running on the streets. Happy Easter!

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