Rest Day

Today is a much-needed rest day for my tired legs.

I started the day with a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries, banana, pb, flax, and almond milk. Oh, and a giant cup of coffee, too. What would my morning be without a giant cup of coffee?

I puttered around on the internet for awhile, checking blogs and Facebook and Twitter and all of that stuff that is basically a giant time suck. I called my Mom to say hello and catch up since we haven’t spoken for a month. Yes, I know, bad daughter. But in my defense we email each other a LOT.

For lunch I devoured a giant salad. This had mixed greens, tempeh bacon, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, flax, and an agave-mustard dressing. It would have been awesome with avocado, but I’m cheap and I don’t buy avocados unless they are on some sort of super sale. I was going for a BLT salad kind of a thing, but with tempeh bacon.

Next on the agenda – go to FedEx to run some errands and later I have a date with this guy:

Geez, by the looks of that picture maybe I should vacuum, too. Hope everyone else had/is having a nice weekend!


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