Long Run Recap

So apparently the universe heard about me whining on the internet and decided to cut me a break.

Yesterday I posted that I didn’t think I’d be able to get a long run in this week AND I complained about it raining. Imagine my surprise when one of my time commitments ended up being less than I had anticipated and I suddenly found myself with some extra time PLUS there was a momentary break in the rain at that exact moment. Clearly it was a sign that I was meant to put on my running shoes and go.

I always feel like such a nerd in my fuel belt. I’ve had this thing for two years, you would think I’d be used to it by now.

I ran 6 miles to a park just south of the city. I had a Clif Shot, some water, and then turned right around to make it 12 miles total (1:55:28).  I snapped a picture before I turned around, I love that the trail takes me closer to the mountains.

I was pretty stoked about my time. I averaged a 9:38 pace which is pretty great for me for a long run. I’m pretty pleased with my splits, too. Started out slow, maintained a steady pace, and then sped up at the end:

Turns out I got homejust in time. As soon as I entered my apartment complex, the sky turned black and it started to rain….again. Thanks weather gods for reading my blog and helping me out!


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