I’ve been meaning to do a What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) post for an embarrassing number of weeks. The thing is, I’d forget about it and neglect to photograph my food. I’d see other bloggers post their WIAW eats and then it would dawn on me that I had forgotten to take part, again.

Well that ends today! Here is what went in my tummy yesterday.

I woke up nice and early and had a pre-run banana and coffee:

I ran 5.25 miles (53:28). I didn’t have much in me for speed, so I just went with the flow and kept things at a moderate effort.

On my way home there were some pull-up bars alongside the running trail. I’m nowhere near strong enough to do a real pull-up, so I stopped and busted out five negatives (where you jump up and lower yourself down sloooowly).

Once I returned home, I cranked out ZWOW #13…yikes tabata intervals are tough! I quickly foam rolled and stretched, but by this point my mind was focused on one thing…FOOD! I made what is possibly the most unphotogenic green smoothie ever (protein powder, powdered greens, banana, frozen mixed fruit, and almond milk):

I swear it tasted MUCH better than it looks.

Later on for lunch I had a gigantic spinach salad with crumbled baked falafel that was leftover from dinner the previous night, cucumber, tomato, carrot, and a tahini dressing. It was pretty good.

And an apple for dessert:

My apple was kind of bruised and misshapen, but it still tasted just fine.

Later in the afternoon I wanted a snack, so I took some leftover salad veggies as well as a few tofu wedges and dipped them in a nutritional yeast-based dip.

For dinner, I made a sweet potato and chickpea stew…I’ll probably be posting the recipe tomorrow. It was super good!

So there you have it, my first official WIAW post.


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