Long Run Recap

Wow…my run today was one of those challenging runs where you think to yourself, “why the heck do I do this to myself?”

I knew it wasn’t going to go well when I woke up. I felt tired and the weather was dreary. I was just in an all-around bad mood. ‘No matter,’ I told myself as I proceeded to drink my coffee and eat my banana.

As I set out I felt really slow and stiff. I told myself that this always happens for the first mile and that it would sort itself out. The problem is that the feeling never really went away.

I ran 13.1 miles in 2:12:08, averaging a 10:06/mile pace. I slowed down quite a bit by the end as I was having some GI issues that were giving me discomfort.

It’s not that I started out too fast…for comparison, I ran 12 miles last week at a 9:38/mile pace, and that felt much easier than my run today. It was just one of those days I suppose.

Fueling felt right. I had a banana beforehand, lots of water, and a gel at the half way point. Nothing different from my usual routine.

It wasn’t a total bust. There were a lot of geese and ducks out and about. Some of the larger geese weren’t too keen on getting off of the running trail, as you can see.

The take-away lessons from today:

1. Don’t eat spicy curry for dinner the night before a long run. I knew this one already. But what was I to do…the curry was there, and it was so good. The second helping probably wasn’t a good idea. *burp*

2. Running on gravel is more difficult than running on asphalt. My usual long run trail is all asphalt. I decided to be different and run on a gravel trail today. I feel like I was a bit slower, as the gravel was pretty loose in places. This probably also contributed to my slower time.

3. Not every run can be great. Okay so maybe it was ‘one of those days.’ I still went out there, pushed myself, and finished the run. So that has to count for something.

Have you had a bad run experience lately?


2 thoughts on “Long Run Recap

  1. We run that gravel trail often – on the bright side, it makes pavement feel WAY easier! Glad you hung in there and got through a tough one! I was hissed at by a goose there last weekend and we saw 2 snakes. Wildlife is active lately.

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