April Totals

Wow, where did April go??

April was a pretty good month running-wise. I continued to increase my mileage as I head toward the San Francisco Marathon in July.

My total mileage in April was 126, a 13% increase from March. If you look at my weekly mileage, you can see that I tend to dial it back every second week and that I’m increasing things slooooowly. 

In total, I went for 20 runs this month.

As you can tell by the charts above, I’m a fan of playing around with my running data in Excel. I also use RunningAhead.com, but I like to play with data a lot so I export it to Excel. How do you keep track of your running data?


3 thoughts on “April Totals

  1. I love those charts! It’s such a helpful way to get the big picture. You are being so smart by including that drop back week and gradually increasing. Nice work!!

  2. I love that you look at your data in Excel, super cool. I tend to just track in Daily Mile and don’t focus a ton on data. Maybe I should play with that more. Looking good for the SF Marathon!

  3. I love those charts! I love putting stuff in Excel; I even do all my lists in Excel, to do and otherwise, so I can sort and analyze them! Wow, only 2 months left until the SF marathon! I would love to do that one, but I signed up for Santa Rosa, which is in August and I am not sure I can do both!

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