No Weigh In April: Wrap Up

As mentioned previously, one of my goals for April was to participate in Angie Gooding’s No Weigh In April Challenge.

My obsession with the scale fluctuates. For weeks I’ll obsessively weigh several times a day, and then I’ll go months without giving it a second thought.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a negative thing to weigh yourself frequently. What is negative is when you equate that number with your self-worth. When I’m in full-blown weight obsessed mode, I feel good about myself if I see a low number on the scale. If it’s a higher number (which could be for any number of reasons) I tend to feel upset and beat myself up about it. Logically I know that the scale isn’t telling me how good of a person I am. I know that daily fluctuations are normal.

When Angie posted this challenge it couldn’t have come at a better time. I recognized that my weight tracking was taking a destructive path and I thought that this challenge would help.

And so I put the scale away and didn’t touch it all month. I was tempted one or two times, but generally I didn’t think twice about it. You know what happened to my weight in April? It stayed the same. Yep. I didn’t gain, nor did I lose. I was expecting this from the way my clothes fit, but it was nice to get a confirmation.

I think most importantly is that this challenge helped reset my thinking. Scale weight is merely a number. It’s data. The scale can’t tell me if I’m a good or bad person and daily fluctuations are normal. So yes, I will continue to weigh myself (I’m a data geek and I like to track everything I can in Excel spreadsheets), but the obsessive thoughts are gone.

What is your relationship like with the scale? Do you weigh yourself regularly?



7 thoughts on “No Weigh In April: Wrap Up

  1. I finally reached a healthier relationship with my scale, I weigh myself a couple fo times a week, just to make sure everything is in order 🙂 But I use to let it dictate my mood, not anymore

  2. i weigh myself all the time for some reason. I am like you and will do it all the time and then not at all. I started telling myself, especially while pregnant, I could only weigh myself on mondays and fridays. I dont change my habits depending on the number at all so im not sure why i do it. its just in my bathroom so i tend to hop on it while im brushing my teeth.

  3. That’s awesome that it stayed the same– great confirmation for you that you’re doing all the right things!! We have one in the bathroom that I hop on about 1-2 times a week. I can easily overeat when I’m training hard for something, so it helps give me a little accountability, but like you, I really don’t want it to affect my mood or have any control over me.

  4. I think it’s best to gauge how you feel rather than what the numbers are. Once a month is a good amount. If you weigh yourself too often you can go crazy over the numbers, especially if you are a spreadsheet geek! Believe me, I know! I probably weigh myself…once every couple of months.

  5. I can’t do it. I can’t weigh myself regularly. I usually do a check in though every few months. That seems to be good for me. My weight fluctuates a few pounds in both directions, it just happens. I can’t be consistent on a daily or weekly basis, but over time, it moves in the right direction. Great job and great post!

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