Long Run Recap

My low mileage last week seemed to have worked wonders on my tired legs. Today’s 14 miler felt great!

First up, I started the morning with a bowl of oatmeal with flax seeds and coffee. I hung out for an hour or so checking email and reading blogs, then it was time to gather up my stuff and hit the trail.

Lately I’ve been digging the Los Gatos Creek Trail for my long runs. Even though you are still in the middle of a heavily populated area, parts of the trail make you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

Now that my long runs are getting longer, I’m playing around with what works for fueling and what doesn’t. Today I had a gel (ClifShot) at 50:00 and then another one at 1:40:00 and just drank water. Seemed to work alright. I’m lucky in that my stomach isn’t very sensitive and isn’t picky (so far) about gels vs. solid food vs. liquid.

My total time for the 14 miles was 2:16:20. I was expecting closer to 2:20:00 so that was a pleasant surprise.

I averaged a 9:45/mile pace and I’m pretty pleased with my splits:

How I found the energy for those last two miles I’m not sure…an 8:48/mile pace for mile 14?? Didn’t see that one coming!

As soon as I walked into my apartment the first thing I did was make a recovery smoothie. These days I’ve been saving leftover coffee in jars in the fridge to make a cold coffee + chocolate protein  + banana smoothie – delicious!

I’ve been trying to get up and move every 60 minutes or so to keep soreness at bay. I’m curious – what are your tricks for managing stiffness/soreness the day of a long run?


2 thoughts on “Long Run Recap

  1. Nice job! Backing off a bit always pays back for me, too. I like compression socks (if it’s cool enough to stand them) and try to remember to do some rolling. I don’t have a foam roller, but I like the stick. Staying active with light walking and moving around is a great idea, too.

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