An Overdue Weekly Recap

Yikes, I fell behind in posting this. Nothing too exciting to report. Pretty great week running-wise. My one complaint is that I’m not doing enough strength training. As my weekly mileage ramps up in my marathon plan, I’m finding it more and more difficult to fit in other activities.

Ended up taking a rest day.

Ran 6 miles in 55:13. The first mile felt awful and I wasn’t sure I’d make it the whole 6, but things eventually fell into place. Afterward I kicked it oldschool with ZWOW #1 and killed my old time by more than two minutes.

Ran 5K with the husband (30:41) then ran by myself until I hit 6 miles (57:11 total)

Long run! This week was 16 miles in 2:31:34. I kept the pace pretty easy and things went great. I felt fine the entire time and I wasn’t even that sore afterward. Awesome.

Cross-training: 60 min. elliptical

A hot 10 miler with the husband. The heat hit him pretty bad, but he finished. It was his longest run to date! 2:08:51.

Cross-training: 40 min. elliptical. I was going to do a strength workout but I just didn’t have the energy. This was a high mileage week for me and my body was tired and sore.

Total Miles Ran: 37

This week I’m keeping mileage low and tapering for the Capitola Half Marathon on Sunday!


4 thoughts on “An Overdue Weekly Recap

  1. That’s a pretty steady week of training! It’s nice that the husband goes out with you! The Capitola half is going to be beautiful! I wanted to do that one, but there is just too much going on this weekend! Good luck!

  2. Another great week! It is definitely hard to fit weights in when the miles go up. Enjoy the taper for your half!

  3. I was looking back through a lot of your posts and it’s fun to see your weeks, makes me glad I ‘ve been doing it!!

    I have been running 1 day a week with my hubs and it makes me so happy he’s doing it!

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