Off to Santa Cruz!

Tomorrow I leave for Santa Cruz for the Capitola Half Marathon! We’re heading down Saturday, staying overnight, I’m racing Sunday morning, then we’ll head back home (and then I leave Monday morning for a business trip – so much travel!).

Aside from packing the regular (e.g., running shorts, shirt, shoes, etc.) we’re also taking quite a bit of food with us to save money:

Pictured are a bag of blueberry bagels, bananas, Clif bars, and some Gatorade powder that I can mix up in a water bottle. This way we only have to eat out for one of our meals and our hotel room will be stocked with carb-loading goodies.

Can we talk about my Garmin tan-line for a minute? Yikes this thing is getting pretty bad!

Sheesh, my hand isn’t very photogenic. I swear it doesn’t actually look like that in real life. I guess this is why I’m not a hand model.

Do you take your own food when you travel for races? Have any weird fitness-related tan-lines at the moment?


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