When Bad Runs Happen to Good People

Last week I had a great week running-wise. I was coming off of a great performance (to me) at the Capitola Half. Last week I ran 40.18 miles, which is my highest mileage week ever. The week culminated with a terrific trail run with beautiful views of the Santa Clara valley.

But this week things haven’t been going so great. For the last three days I’ve just felt “off.” I’ve had zero motivation to exercise at all, running or otherwise.This morning I set out for an 8 mile run. After 3 miles I was hot, nauseous, and tired. Rather than push through, I called it a day.

I’m reaching the point in my marathon training plan where I am becoming physically and mentally drained. I still have 7.5 weeks until the marathon and I really think I need the rest of this week to give myself a mental/physical rest.

Since this is my first marathon, I am in new territory here. I’d love to hear from others! Do you ever get ‘drained’ during your training? How do you  cope?


5 thoughts on “When Bad Runs Happen to Good People

  1. I never trained for a marathon, but I think when training intensely for anything, it comes a point where you get drained. If it’s your body that needs a break, I say take it! If it’s your mind, try getting someone to run or bike along side you to make things more interesting. Good luck

  2. If you are feeloing drained, DEFINITELY rest. You have time to pick back up your training, but give yourself a weekend, or a couple middle of the week days off. Slow it down a bit if needed. You don’t want to fatigue yourself this early. But don’t back off 100%, just take your foot off the gas and cruise for a bit. Did the car analogy work?

  3. Do you take regular cutback weeks? The key for me is to have 3 weeks of solid, high mileage training followed by 1 week where I cut my mileage by 30%. Repeat. It keeps things feeling fresh and helps me get through those tough, exhausting weeks. When I want to quit I just think ‘five days until cutback week.’

    If you’re feeling sick and drained, take an extra rest day or two. Maybe skip the long run this weekend. Pick it up next week.

    Just so you know, this is totally normal. Marathon training is rough!

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