Big News!

Thing have been pretty quiet around here, but for good reason…

I’m moving to Toronto!


I was offered a job that I am quite excited about. I start in less than two weeks (yikes). My apartment here in San Jose looks like a war zone as I rush to get everything packed.

Of course this is great news, but there is always bad that comes with good. I will miss living in the Bay Area – the weather, the mountains, the weather, the ocean, the weather – can you tell I am not looking forward to experiencing a Canadian winter again? But onward and upward…this move just feels like the ‘right’ direction for my life at this point.

Since I am now pot-committed (a poker reference for you non-poker players out there) I will still be running the San Francisco marathon at the end of July. Coordinating an international move while hitting peak mileage in my training plan will keep things….interesting. But that’s how life goes sometimes.

Even though I’m Canadian, I haven’t spent much time in Toronto and I’m not familiar with the city at all. So if any of you are from the area, let me know! I need someone to fill me in on all of the great running trails.


3 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Congrats on the new job!! I’ve been in Toronto once as part of a trip, but not long enough to seek out the trails. It seems like a great city, though! I remember a few farmer’s markets and I know I did at least one run through the city itself. Happy packing!

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