Vega Sport Review – Part 2

I’m finally getting around to finishing up my review of the Vega Sport line (Part 1 is here).

As I explained, the products in this line are broken up into three main categories:

1. Prepare (products to take prior to training),
2. Sustain (products to take while training), and
3. Recover (products to take after training).

I have already reviewed the Prepare products as well as some of the Sustain products, so I’ll pick up right where I left off.

Sustain: Endurance Gel

I don’t use gels that often, but my experiences with the Vega gel were pretty positive. Each package has 100 calories and 22g of carbohydrates (17g of sugar). I liked that they use dates as a base, as that’s my fuel of choice when running long distances. The gel comes in two flavors: raspberry and orange. I only had a sample of the orange, and it tasted alright. Well, as alright as any gel ever tastes. My only complaint is that the gel package is a bit bigger than the Clifshot packages I’m used to, and I had a bit of trouble fitting it in my pouch. But that’s a pretty minor grievance.

Recover: Performance Protein

I’ll preface this by saying that I do NOT like Vega’s Whole Food Optimizer, nor their new Vega One. However, I thought the chocolate version of this Performance Protein was fantastic! It was really chocolate-y and mixed quite well. The vanilla was alright, too, but not nearly as good as the chocolate. Be warned…this also comes in a berry flavor. The berry flavor washorrible! I couldn’t even finish it, and I can usually force myself to eat/drink some pretty gross stuff if I have to.

Vega uses a blend of pea, pea, rice, alfalfa, and SaviSeed (sacha inchi) which contains tryptophan. It also contains a branch chain ammino acide (BCAA) complex, L-Glutamine, and some digestive enzymes. One serving has 120 calories and 26g of protein, which I thought was pretty high for a powder.

Recover: Protein Bar

This was really, really, REALLY delicious. As in, good enough to eat as a candy bar. Each bar has 240 calories, 30g carbohydrates, and 15g of protein. The protein blend is identical to the one used in the protein powder above.

Recovery: Recovery Accelerator

This is a powder that you are supposed to mix with water and drink after training. It has a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, and is intended to replenish electrolytes as well as reduce inflammation. It comes in two flavors: apple berry and tropical. I tried the tropical and thought it tasted okay. I didn’t notice a huge difference with this product (to be fair I only tried it once) and it probably isn’t something I’d consume regularly. I much prefer to have a smoothie with some protein powder post-training to get my carbs and protein.


Overall most of the products I tried were pretty good. This is a large line of products, and the intentions isn’t for people to buy everything. Rather, you are to pick and choose what works for you and the way you train. For myself, I could see the gel and the protein powder being the two products that I would use the most.

I do like that the Vega line is based on whole foods and that the products are based on things like dates rather than chemical sludge. This is something that is important to me. However, I feel like I get comparable results from homemade recipes (Brazier’s first book, Thrive has some great gel and recovery recipes if you are interested).

To me, the biggest con to this product line is the price tag. This isn’t specific to the Vega Sport line but applies to all of Vega’s products. Yes the ingredients are high quality, and I understand that high quality ingredients come with a higher price tag. But for me, the price isn’t something that would fit into my regular budget. If it fits into yours, all the more power to you. I think that some of these products (mainly the gel, the bars, and the protein powder) would be worth buying, if financially feasible.

Have you tried any of the Vega Sport products? What did you think?