My new Camelbak!

After my first trail run a couple of weeks ago, I realized I was going to need a way to carry more water than my Fuel Belt will hold. When I am running on streets I typically plan my longer run routes to include a water fountain or two so I can refill. Not so easy with trail running.

My husband happened to find a 2011 Camelbak on sale awhile back. It was the 70oz. version of the Camelbak Charge 240. I really liked that it had lots of pockets to store things in, such as keys, money, some food, etc. but it wasn’t TOO big.This is the version he ended up buying:

I figured if I was going to be doing more trial running, I would need a Camelbak, too. And so we ventured to a nearby store to try some out. I really, really loved the colors that the women Camelbaks are made in, but alas, I am too tall (I’m 5’11”). I tried on a few different styles of women Camelbaks and they would gap in weird places even after I adjusted everything that could be adjusted. They are just made for a someone with a shorter torso. I didn’t like any of the male Camelbaks they had in stock – all of the ones that were the size I needed were in ugly boy colors.

When we got home, I tried on my husband’s Charge and realized that once I adjusted the straps, it fit me pretty darn well. That particular model/size has been discontinued, but  I managed to find a few online. I’m not a huge fan of the color red, so I went with a lime green color. I ended up ordering from Jenson USA, as they had the best price PLUS free shipping – woo! I had no issues with my order and it even arrived within two days, can’t really beat that.

I will say that you can definitely tell the male Camelbaks are cut differently in the chest area (duh). I had to adjust the arm straps almost as small as they would go and then widen the chest strap considerably to get a good fit. I’m not sure a male version would work on a female much shorter than me.

As much as I would like a Camelbak in one of the pretty girl colors, it was just not meant to be. I can’t wait to take this baby out for a trail run! And now my husband and I will look like the ultimate nerdy running couple with our matching Camelbaks.

What’s your hydration system of choice? Do you use a Camelbak? If you are a tall woman, did you have any fit issues?



New shoes!

I run in a pair of Asics Gel-1150 shoes. It’s what the dude at the running store told me to get after watching me walk/run. At the time I didn’t know much about running, so I just figured he knew what he was talking about and went with it. I’ve never had a problem with these shoes and I’m quite fond of them. I’m currently on my second pair.

Now that I’m marathon training, I have noticed that my beloved shoes were perhaps starting to get a bit worn out. I’m an idiot and haven’t been tracking their mileage. D’oh.

I started looking for another pair, but soon saw that they were hard to find at a reasonable price. I finally found a pair, at a great price, at Volleyball Central. Wow, talk about awesome customer service! Within an hour of placing my order, I had notification that they had shipped already – super! Two days later they arrived.

My old ones are white/silver/purple, these ones are white/silver/blue. My old ones aren’t totally worn out yet, so I still plan on wearing them for a few runs each week.

For their inaugural use, I went to the gym this morning to do the same treadmill hill workout I did last week. The shoes felt great, but unfortunately my tummy wasn’t feeling so hot. I had to skip the last interval and end my workout 0.7 miles early. Lame.

What shoes are you currently running in?